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Independent Fact-Finders

Bashen B LogoBashen Corporation is an independent and privately owned organization contracted by CMS to perform neutral investigations of workplace harassment allegations. Bashen Corporation is the nation’s leading human resource consulting firm specializing in fair employment practices investigations for both federal and private sector organizations. Bashen has successfully managed over 34,000 complaints, has a strong commitment to workplace fairness, and conducts thorough and impartial investigations of workplace harassment allegations. If you feel you have been harassed, you may file an allegation with Bashen Corporation through any of the LinkLine submission channels described on this site.

Bashen Vetted Under Public Trust

Bashen Vetted Under Public TrustBashen was recently vetted by Homeland Security under Public Trust and provides EEO investigative services to the Transportation Security Administration, which includes all airports in the United States. Bashen’s Executive staff, Technical staff, Investigators and Administrators went through extensive background checks to ensure Bashen is an equitable, reliable, and principled corporation that will protect sensitive and confidential information.

Policy Statements from CMS Office of Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services LogoCenters for Medicare & Medicaid Services (“CMS”) strives to create a fair and ethical workplace. CMS understands that a strong commitment to compliance and ethics is the foundation of a successful business and strives to ensure that every business decision is guided by our commitment to operate with fair standards. CMS is committed to business conduct in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and policies, and those expectations also extend to decisions regarding workplace harassment.